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Cape Byron Angus






Angus beef has medium to fine natural marbling producing exceptional taste that is always flavourful, juicy with a consistent quality of tenderness. 

Bindaree Beef is one of Australia's largest meat processors, and a prominent leader in the Australian meat industry. It is a family owned and operated processing plant at Inverell in northern NSW, capable of processing 1,300 cattle per day and employs over 600 people from the surrounding region. This operation is strategically located to ensure that Bindaree Beef can source cattle 12 months of the year.


Australian beef is widely recognised as amongst the finest in the world. Exporting Australian quality to the world is something Bindaree Beef does particularly well. Apart from the unmistakable quality of the beef itself, Bindaree Beef's acceptance from overseas buyers can also be attributed to a totally professional understanding of the local and international markets.

byron bay angus beef




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Cape Byron Angus